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Introducing myself


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Hello to everyone I am new and just joined


My name is Karen my intrests are Mika. I also love Kaiser Chiefs and Snow Patrol. I am 37 years old. Maybe too old for this forum.


I like to read JK Rowling and James Herbert. I am a volunteer at the British Heart Foundation. I enjoy my work there and the staff are friendly which is what I like, makes going to work enjoyable and look forward to it every time I go in. I first heard of Mika in my HMV shop where I live. I live in Portsmouth, England. Lived there all my life.


Bye for now.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Welcome! If you are too old, then so am I (and a lot of other people on here)! As long as your interest is Mika then this is the place for you...

I don't post often, but I really like this fan club and all of the interesting people here from all over the world that share a common love of Mika and his music.

James Herbert? I'll have to go look him up...

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