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Christian Louboutin


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A retrospective of Christian Louboutin's career in the shoe business is to open in London next year.

Christian Louboutin's career is to be the focus of new retrospective in London.

The French shoe designer - renowned for his use of a bright red under-sole on all of his footwear - will have much of his work on display at the British capital's Design Museum from March 28 to July 1 2012.

In addition to documenting his life's work, the retrospective will also offer viewers and insight into how he creates shoes, as well as his influences and original designs.



It will also contain images from the 2007 movie 'Fetish',



made in collaboration between Christian and director David Lynch.


Last month Christian revealed he would be creating a book documenting his most iconic styles during his 20 year career.

The tome - which has yet to be named - will be divided into six chapters, including a personal biography and his collaborative work with the likes of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

Some of Louboutin's most treasured friends and models, including the likes of Dita Von Teese, Mika and Kristen Scott Thomas have also contributed to the tome.




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Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary : Barney’s NYC





As part of an ongoing celebration of Christian Louboutin’s 20 years in the shoe business, Barney’s exclusively is offering the “Highness” pump, shown above. Each signed by Louboutin, a total of 20 pairs will be sold at $3,995 a pop through the online site only. And you know, no worries on shipping costs cuz Barney’s says it’ll handle that. (Best be delivered in an all crystal carriage drawn by four prancing white horses at that price!) Here are the details on the design theme:


Limited edition satin double platform peep toe pump with beading, gem & sequin detail throughout. Patchwork and sewn New York City themed left shoe

& Los Angeles accented right shoe.








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Mika at Christian Louboutin Barney's book signing in Christian Louboutin men's SS2012 "No Limit"




'i missed seeing mika out and about as he often wears interesting christian louboutin men's sneakers.

at last week's 20th anniversary book signing at barney's beverley hills,

the lebanese singer made a rare appearance to support the shoe maestro,

and was pictured above with dita von teese in a pair of amazing sneakers.

the sneakers featured irregular golden spikes on the front,

coupled with leopard prints and swarovski crystals on the sides.

i want it already!'


if i am correct, the shoes are called "no limit" and are from the upcoming spring summer 2012 collection.

coincidentally, a reader who preferred to remain anonymous,

sent me the below pics of the stunning sneakers that mika wore:




'the sneakers featured rhinestones on one side and a spiked front.

when i was at christian louboutin's spring summer 2012 press day,

i saw a similar sneaker sans rhinestones and spikes,

ie a beautiful pair of color blocked sneakers for those who prefers no drama.'




'switch the sneakers around and it's actually leopard prints on the other side.

what got me really excited, was the introduction of louboutin's new crest on their sneakers and loafers.

seriously "no limit" to the shoes, i am dying for a pair right now.





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Here's the video of Louboutin's party at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills

from back in November. Mika with Dita von Teese is there for literally

2 seconds at 1:08. (You can actually see him in the background speaking

to others in a few other spots, too.)




If you freeze the frame at 1:08 you can get quite a nice photo of the two of



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