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Alferd Williams: The 70 year old first grader


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Alferd Willams




Alferd Willams- he should be called an inspiration to all.


60+ years ago this man dropped out of the first grade so he could help his family. But he had promised his mother that he would learn how to read. He kept that promise- now 70 years old Alferd has gone back to first grade.


He was on the Ellen DeGeneres show with his teacher Alesia Hamilton to tell their story. That interview was so heart warming. One of his stories was that he told his teacher that he recognized a word at the grocery store, the word being sugar. At the end of the episode Ellen DeGeneres his teacher with gifts for the school (and a cheque to buy books for the school's library). And Alferd with a cheque- you should have seen the reaction (look at the photo in the link below and you'll get a sense of just how happy he was)...it made me tear up.


If you have seen that interview, you know what I mean. If you haven't well...now you know about him.

Here's a link from The Ellen DeGeneres Show website about him.

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I took some conversational French classes a couple of years ago and it's very frustrating to struggle with someone that children can do so easily. Good luck to him. I'm sure his mama would be proud.

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