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ok yeah he does look quite like Mika but nah i'd rather have the real thing!! you can have the mika lookalike & I'll have the real mika is that ok? if it's not tough luck he's mine all mine i tell ye lmao :roftl::punk:


I have seen a few guys around that look quite like mika but I don't carry my camera around & try to take photos of them I think i'd look a bit weird (and sad) taking photos of random guys in the street or in shops lol


the last guy I saw that looked a bit like mika was in hmv down whitefriargate here in hull about 2 or 3 months ago he was wearing red skinny jeans & a hooded top too (I must say though he looked a bit like mika and was dressed a bit like him I still prefer the real deal)

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i was flicking through the channels on my freeview & there was a film on channel 5 called the princess bride & i saw a guy who after googling i found out was chris sarandon I thought he looked a bit like Mika (only an older version) I couldn't find a great pic this is the best I could find



what do you think?


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