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The Jeremy Fisher Thread


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~Jeremy Fisher~




He is a Canadian singer and songwriter and if you like Bob Dylan, especially, you will like him.




Here are some videos:


His homemade video for "Cigarette".


"Scar That Never Heals"




Live performance of "Fall For Anything"


Live performance of "Let It Shine"





Enjoy! :cheerful_h4h:

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hehe YAY! lol



I first saw his music video for High School on television and have liked his music since then. Also, I saw him perform once on TV and thought he was really good. Youtube has definately blessed me with more live performances that he's done:thumb_yello:


I have his Goodbye Blue Monday album (which I recommend by the way) and now I want his other albums. Which I believe are called Back Porch Spirituals and Let it Shine.

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