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Ladytron... does anyone know of them, like them, love them... please step forward if you do.... :punk:


I first heard them when they supported Franz Ferdinand in Scotland in 2005, they had Ladytron the first day, and Arcade Fire the second. Listened to them ever since....


If you don't know them... here's some links on YT, of their best tunes.... :thumb_yello:


Destroy Everything You Touch




















Check them out if you like these songs.... I love them.... :bleh:

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Sorry :blush-anim-cl:


I do like him .. her ? Ok at least you made me look into it .. her isnt it


Actually I do like .. :biggrin2:


It's a group ... two boys two girls .... :)




I really like them .... not alot of people know them though ... which is a shame .... they're not really successful ... but critics like them ... their last album got really good reviews .... but didn't sell that well .... which figures



This is one of the singles from their last album ... Velocifero

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i do like them!

i listened to their songs all day (just like how often i'm listening to mika's now) in the past :teehee:

witching tour is my fav album of theirs!

helen and mira are so cool!!

recently versus became my new hit on ipod =P


actually there are a lot of good singers however it's a shame that only few ppl know =(

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