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Hey guys!!


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Hello everyone...


I'd like to introduce myself...:original:

My name's Marisa, I'm 15 years old and I'm from Switzerland (German part).


I'm a huuuge Mika fan:mf_lustslow: I don't know exactly when I heard from him the first time, I think it was on the radio when I heard "Grace Kelly". I loved this song from the beginning, especially because of the "catching" at the end:naughty: Later I heard "Relax, take it easy", and I thought "wow, this is the second good song from Mika! He's very interesting". So I bought his CD and now, I'm totally addicted:wink2: I saw him live in Winterthur last year. This evening was probably the best one in my life!!


I'm looking forward to meet new people who are as addicted as me, and to chat about Mika:thumb_yello:


I'm sorry for my English... It's not perfect, but I give my best!


If you have any questions, just ask:wink2:

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Willkomme Marisa :D So langsam heds ja doch es paar schwiizer ^^




Hi Marisa and welcome to MFC !Enjoy


Always the first to post :roftl: haha Miss you honey !!!!! :wub2::blush-anim-cl:


Welcome and lots of fun here:mf_rosetinted:


I was in Switserland when the EK was going on :naughty:


You were? Wow cool. Is EK Euro cup? have you been to basel when Holland played against Russia? I was there... wow I met a lot of dutchies :naughty:

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