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Mika's Orbit Chewing Gum Commercial! HELP ME!


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So..... upon my mika research, I have learned that he once when he was around age 13, wrote a chewing gum jingle for Orbit Chewing gum. All I can find is lyrics that he sang in an interveiw once "it cleans your teeth too, Orbit gum clap, clap!"


or something very similar.


I WOULD LOOOOOOOVVEEEE to hear it! Does anyone know where I can find it? Ive ggogled it, youtubed it...NOTHING.


So...if youve ever heard it, can you please help me out and let me know where to find it?






-sAmMy rAe ;D

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He didn't write it.. he only sang it...


And I'm being really picky about the details...



I don't think you'll be able to find it... unless someone's found it and not sharing...


Yep. Celesteee and me spent a whole afternoon looking for it, and we never found it:wink2:

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I think if it had ben possible to find the comercial, it would have been found by now. He also wrote the music for a British Airways comercial, but that's never been found either, as far as I know.


I doubt it will ever be found... if they still have it stored...

And I thought the chewing gum jingle was the one that he was listening to when he called British Airways?

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