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Beirut press conference, July 26th 2008

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:thumb_yello:Yesterday evening I realized that my friend had at long last put my coverage of the PC on Dailymotion (where I am capucine 1418). I posted a thread or thought I had but apparently I screwed up again.


He gave the videos French titles (Batterie Love today is the drumming contest, for instance). And he had to split up some of them because they were too long. Unfortunately he sometimes did it in the middle of a song…

Concert 1 : My Interpretation + beginning of Billy Brown

C 2 : BB + very beginning of AOW (did he have to ruin my favourite song !)

C 3 : AOW with crowd singing along with M.

Mika live 01 : partial band intro + Happy ending.

The image is lousy, even on the screen, and I had to duck every time the inflatable soda beaker (which looked a lot like the giant breast in W. Allen’s What you have always wanted to ask...) blocked the view. The sound is all right though.


He did a better job with the press conference recording.

Début CP : beginning of the PC

CDP 2 part 1, 2 part 2, 3 part 1, 2 & 3.

Highlights (in my view) : in CDP 3, part 1 : the lady journalist’s proposal and the little boy’s offering of his own mobile phone. In CDP 2/1 : when Mika brushes aside a journalist’s suggestion that he may be scared to come to Beirut ; he sounds and looks like Louis XIV if some mortal had asked him whether he had lice in his wig… love that part ! I swear I could (and still can) hear him add a subliminal ‘You twit !’.

I think the elderly lady sitting next to Mika was his tough singing teacher. Can’t believe she used to slap his wrist : I talked to her and she is a sweetie. She was starry eyed that nigh, genuinely delighted to be there with him.

The image is often wobbly ; sorry about that but a retard press photographer kept shaking my chair so badly that I truly believe he was j…ing off (wrong place to do that, pal !). A couple of comments and the neighing laughter are all mine, I am afraid ; I must learn to shut my trap when I am filming.


MOV 00015 was taken in London, at nearly 3 in the morning after the last gig of the winter tour. Since then I found a much better recording on Utube but am keeping it as a souvenir. Soft old me !


My almost entire and quite decent coverage of the London gig should be available on Dailymotion quite soon. Keep trying.


There you are. Wanted to comment on Andy’s summer videos on the blog and his unfortunately close close ups but I am typing on my 90 square metre terrace, sunbathing (that was mean of me, meant to make those of you who are singing in the rain drool with envy) and my stupid PC tends to switch off after working half an hour on battery. So you are spared my comment. For the time being.


Couldn't catch every word of the Press conference. Wish a kind English-speaking member would post the script...


So long,



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Why do you think she's his singing teacher?

In some TV coverage (UK or US or Lebanese short video, there are a couple of them circulating on Utube and Dailymotion) they mention her name while Mika is looking at a book she has apparently just given him. And she has a strong accent (beg. of the PC, when she says a few words).

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