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Who wants to complain about school? I DO! Anyone else?


I'll start: Today was the last day of my first week of school. I have 2 classes with no one in them that I normally talk to. So, I decided to turn over a new leaf, and talk to people I don't know. (I'm EXTREMELY shy at school, idk why.) In chemistry, 3 of the ppl I talked to called me weird, and in math I was ignored. Plus, I have lunch with only one of my friends. I have also had homework every single night. Junior year is not starting off well......:thumbdown:

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I'm going to be a Junior. School starts on September 3rd for me....I think.. You're making me worry :naughty:



Don't worry, it will get better.


Sorry and thanks.




I wonder if they will close this one cuz I just realized that there's already a school thread.

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