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Okay, so I've brought this up in the past, but I've done some research, and now all i need is YOUR HELP!


I'm looking to get a mika poster made for my new apartment, (anything THAT ridiculously good looking will go well with the rest of my decor :bleh: )


The only problem is that the pictures I have are too small :thumbdown:


I want either this one




or this one




The first one I have is only 533 x 676 pixels, and that second one is even smaller! (344 x 400)


So does anyone have any BIGGER versions of either of these pictures? Or any other stunning pictures with really high pixel counts?


It would break my heart to have the poster distort Mika's beauty by making him grainy! :thumbdown:

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If you want to make a poster you need a verrrrry high resolution pic! I've never seen a HR of the first one, but this one


I think you can buy the HQ from those photo agencies..does it come from one of them, doesn't it?

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