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Closure of threads by the mods

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Re Mika's father


The following quotes have originally been posted by other MFC members ; if you feel like it you can find them back on this thread, roughly from pages 16 to 22. I just avoided giving names in order not to rub touchy members the wrong way.



QUOTE Yeah, well, Mika's an insufferable prig I suppose. UNQUOTE


If you say so… Sorry, very naughty of me but I have been partially quoted here before and couldn’t find a better way to show that it is awfully bad form.


QUOTE I'm not sure what exactly you're hoping to accomplish here by repeatedly making false accusations against me because the people participating in this thread are more than capable of reading for themselves that I never said any such thing. If you wanted to destroy what little credibility you had to start with to the point where members wonder if you're a troll, then congratulations. You've done a bang up job. UNQUOTE


QUOTE Sometimes the consequences are very positive. I always notice and take to people who jump right in and are gregarious, funny and are familiar enough with internet etiquette in general that they don't really need to know the ins and outs of MFC to make a positive impression. UNQUOTE


I honestly don’t give a scr… about what people think of me or whether I am making a positive impression (this is not my fanclub). Whether people approve or disapprove of me is their concern, not mine. I for one don’t look at myself in other people’s eyes, especially relative strangers.

And I don’t want to accomplish anything, I am not a leader of people, respect them too much for that and anyway it would bore me stiff. But I couldn’t help noticing that other newbies felt rather strongly about the pecking order, patronizing, respect-your-elders attitude and that this thread may have helped them express their feelings.

So that, tempting as might appear the suggestion in bold in the following quote, that would hardly solve the problem. Or close the topic.


QUOTE I mean that's exactly what happened in this thread so is it really so out of line that a long-time member has told newbies that they should just sit down and STFU? In any real life situation you would simply be shown the door and told never to return if you behaved like that. UNQUOTE


QUOTE I sometimes almost feel that I have to apologise for being a long term member, knowing a lot if in jokes and things that have happened in the past, for having contributed to this forum for over a year both by posting and financially. Oh and having been to a few gigs too. Sorry. Sorry about all of that. UNQUOTE

Some members have certainly devoted much time and money to the Fanclub. Good for them. Because they didn’t have to, nobody was pointing a gun at them, so they have done it for some personal reason, genuine admiration for Mika’s talent, expected pleasure to meet other people who shared the same passion, need to spice up their lives... any reason. And they have enjoyed it, presumably, or they would not have done it in the first place or would have quitted.

So to expect newer or less deeply committed members to follow them at a respectful distance and bow to their wisdom doesn’t make sense.


It is the same with children : you love them from the day they are born, breast feed them, make them your priority, you stop even thinking about designer clothes because the best part of your money must be bestowed upon them. You give them the best opportunities but it gives you no guarantee that you won’t see them scr… up their emotional or professional life, make the worst possible decisions in every possible way and feel miserable to boot.

Are you going to reproach them with their choices : ‘When I think of all the things we have done for you, all the sacrifices, all the money spent on your education’ or are you just going to think, every single day, that being their parents has been the most wonderful, fulfilling experience, no matter what, and that giving them birth was the most selfish thing you have ever done so that expecting gratitude would be ridiculous ?

I must apologize for taking up the children image again (at least, this time, I didn’t talk about pupils) but a patronizing attitude brings it uncontrollably to mind.


Incidentally, Scandinavians love their trolls, devilish and obnoxious as they are, and if I paid attention to what people think of me I would be flattered… pity !


So long,




Closing a thread because you find uncomfortable about what is said on it is...sad.

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Im closing this one too , please PM me


The thread was closed as it had NO relation to Mikas dad or the original subject , that was solved


If you want to open a thread to discuss newbies and how we treat people please feel free to


Im admin of the MFC , If I feel I want to close a thread I will in consultation with the mods


Ill wait for the PM

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