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The Opera Thread!


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I love Opera! Often we have Opera performances here in Victoria every

year and my fave has to be Don Giovanni by Mozart and Defledermaus (its an Opereta I know) They are funny at times, clever, and I so love the music! I played in the Pit Orchestra for a children's Opera , Noah's Flood when I was 11. Also got to watch the set being made for the Defledermaus when I was young (friends with prinicpal clarinetist) and there was a bet who was going to take the big paper mache 12 foot bat home! I so wanted it!

We have a fantastic opera Company Here in Victoria, that has spectacular productions and very good world Class Singers. Next year is The Magic Flute, which I am so going to. I love Mozart with a passion! He kind of reminds me of MIKA in many ways.

as for Opera singers, well some of my favourite are local actually.


Which is your favourite opera? Who is your favourite singer? Which is your favourite Aria or Piece? One of mine is Verdi's La Donna E Mobile



have a look at these websites. They talk about our local troupe but also the best of Opera on Youtube for your enjoyment and knowledge!


http://www.pov.bc.ca/flute.html The Magic Flute

http://www.pov.bc.ca/thais.html Thais (has one of the most beautiful Violin Solos ever written)


http://www.pov.bc.ca/semele.html A baroque opera! its delightful!


Mika always amazes me with his beautiful boy soprano voice.



If Mika was to write an opera what would it be about I wonder?

I think it could be quite dramatic!


xxx Suzanne:)






magic-flute-mozart.jpg (this is from the ballet production but I love the poster)

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Take Me Out to the Opera

The Washington National Opera naturally wants to increase the audience for opera in the nation's capital. To that end, its last couple seasons have featured a free simulcast of one of its productions via an immense screen on the National Mall. Large crowds have shown up, with better or worse results depending on the weather. This year, the company has just announced, it will slightly modify this program, by offering its free broadcast to crowds in Nationals Park . . .


. . . in imitation of a similar initiative at San Francisco Opera.


If you have always wanted to see an opera but found the price tag too daunting, mark your calendar for Opera in the Outfield, a week from Saturday, September 13 at 7 p.m. From your comfortable seat in the stands, you will see a live broadcast from the opening night of the company's new production of Verdi's classic opera, La Traviata.



Let's just say that it cannot be more painful than watching the Nationals play. From now through September 10, you can also register for seating in the VIP section, although it is not required.


The story follows a celebrated Parisian courtesan, Violetta Valéry (sung by the lovely soprano Elizabeth Futral, pictured), who falls in love with a young poet named Alfredo Germont (tenor Arturo Chacón-Cruz). Their happiness is cut short by the opposition of Alfredo's father (baritone Lado Ataneli), hastening Violetta's inevitable death from consumption, that most operatic of diseases. It is a tragic, beautiful work, an excellent choice for an introduction to opera and a favorite of opera fans.


Hopefully, there will be beer on sale, as opera drinking games could be a fun variation on the more placid experience of attending an opera. Every time someone hits a long high note, you take a drink?

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The last opera I saw was at the Royal Opera House in April - it was a new opera by Harrison Birtwistle called "The Minotaur" - It was a depressing plot (lots of blood & gore & misery) but the music and general production was fab!


I went to another new opera a few years ago- The Tempest by Thomas Ades - fabulous music and a really spectacular Ariel - check this on youtube:



(and yes - she is singing the words in English!):naughty:


xx N

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. . . and yes, Mika said he'll write a musical in his thirties or before. So I'm looking forward to that, it will be about 2012 or 2013 :biggrin2:






and HERE . . .




near ME ! :thumb_yello:

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