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'thirteenturningfourteensoonandallMikaobsessives' group PART 2.


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i love you guys, lets continue :punk:


so all 13 turning 14 soon all Mika obsessive, welcome




Bel (mikaloov3) #1

Carlota (neiobi) #2

Liene (bubuciiis)#3

Sammy (pianogirlsammy)#4

Alice (xhurtfulpurplex)#5

Alice (Mikas best friend) #6

Mafaaaa #7

Laura (Roxy♥Mika♥) #8

Simone (Freestyle) #9

BellaDonnaNoire #10

Samantha who? #11

Daniela (Daniella92 )#12

Devin (mika-fan1001) #13

pinkfakecheez #14

Karolina!. #15

Marie (superstar) #16

Keti #17

Shikutukumimika #18

lindemfc #19

everybody who was here before and wanted to be added please PM me. :)

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haha i love the LACK of hair. I just did my hair curly, ill have to post a pic of me and mika!




Yay! lets christen this thread with continueing the daydream! can somone post the first parts here?






















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haha i love the LACK of hair. I just did my hair curly, ill have to post a pic of me and mika!




Yay! lets christen this thread with continueing the daydream! can somone post the first parts here?























I''l make it, my darling . But now I have to have dinner and I want to post the pics and the vlog . So if you give me sometime I'll put the daydream all together !

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part 1


*Still in Mika's dressing room, waiting for him*


Carlota - Well . . . Now you would never say I'm the lucky one again . Cause now we're the luckiest girls EVER !

Mafa - YAY !

Sammy - No... Really... I can't believe I'm here!

Alice - Yeah! Did you notice we are all by ourself in London? And now we will have tea with Mika?

Mafa - I don't believe. *rise her hand*

Liene - Me needer.

*all girls rise her hands and then they laugh*

Roxy - But sorry... it's a fact!


*Mika comes back with tea and cups*


Mika - So girls. I heard you laugh! *he smiles and the fourplets feel like they're gonna faint* Well... Can you tell me your names?

Fourplets - Sure!


Mika - So...

Fourplets - *blush* Oh right...

*everyone introduces herself*

Mika - So... Sammy, Carlota, Mafa, 2 Alices, Roxy, Bel, Liene... am I forgeting someone?

Mika: So girls.......how did you like the show?

Fourplets: *all at the same time really loud and crazy* OMFG IT WAS OMG AMAZING BEST NIGHT EVER BLA BLA AMAZING CRAZY LOVED IT BEST THING EVER!!!!

Mika: *laughing* Woah, WOAH! Calm down! Im glad you liked it!

Fourplets: *Embarassed*

*we all take a sip of our tea at the same time.*

Mika: You girls are great fans, how would you like to all be lollipop girls tommorow night?

*Now, we all have tea in our mouths. We are so shocked and amazed we spit the tea out as if we are choking! All at the same time, tea flies everywhere and somehow all lands on mikas shirt.*



Mika: *Wiping the tea off* You guys are such great fans. Ive never seen anyone get so excited before! HAHA You guys are great! I cant wait for you to be in the show tommorow!

Fourplets: OMG WERE GUNNA BE LOLLIPOP GIRLS! *We squeal and get all excited!*

Mika: *laughing* Haha, im glad you are all excited! Tommorw, be here at 8 for your costumes! Until then loves....

Fourplets: *Look aroudn at eachother as if to say, HE CALLED US LOVES!*

Mika: *Coming around to each of us and giving us each a kiss on the cheek. WE JUST SIT THERE. LIKE THIS. ---->


Mika: *After kissing us all, leaves the room*





Mafa: D...D...Did he just.....

Sammy: *interupting*....Kiss us on the cheek?

Liene: Did he..... did he really just........

AlicE: Yeah...i think he did.

Alice: And are we really gunna be....

BeL: *interupting* Lollipop girls?

Carlota: Um...i...i guess we..... we are. *We still are all like this, without looking at eachother*

Roxy: *Still staring forward like all of us are* Um.....now what?

Sammy: Well... I would get up and walk but I cant feel my legs.

Liene: Or arms

Roxy: Or hands

Carlota: Or feet

All Fourplets: OR CHEEK!

*Just then, as we are sitting in awe, Yasmine walks in*

Yasmine: *startled to see us* Oh...hi girls...umm, is something wrong?

Fourplets: NOT AT ALL

Yasmine: Well...can I get you girls something?

Bel: An ambulance?

Yasmine: Why?

Bel: Because I think my heart just stopped!

Yasmine: Why is that Bel?

*All fourplets tell Yasmine about THE KISS*

Sammy:It was awesome!

Mafa: It was more thatn awesome... it was beautifuul!

Liene: I've never felt so good in my life!!

Roxy:I've only had dreams about this!!

Carlotta: Thank Mika we made so much noise in that concert!

Yasmine: well you girl seem really fun... would you like to meet the family tonight? We'll have dinner!!

Alice: WOW! Tea with Mika and now dinner with the Pennimans!

Fourplets: YEY!!!

Yasmine: I'll tell you funny stories about Mika!

*all the fourplets hop into the limo to go to the Penniman residence!*

*Fouplets met Yasmine, they talked a bit and they even told her they are all alone in London, just with each companny, Yasmine found it really funny and they told about Mika's kiss in her cheeks and she laugh and invited them to have dinnet in Penniman's house, of course they accepted*


Yasmine - *walking to the limo* So my brother was a sweetheart for you all?

Sammy - Yes . He is amazing!

Yasmine - *smiles* Yeah, he really loves his fans. But I will be really surprise when he sees you in our parents house!

Sammy - *giggles* Shouldn't you tell him?

Yasmine - I want to surprise him . I'll just call my parents !


*Yasmine pics the phone and the fourplet girls get in the limo they are all very excited*


Alice - I can't believe it is really happening... it is just a dream!

Mafa - It is a dream since we all arrived at London . I just . . . I never though I would made my mother mind !

Liene - The same with me ! It's a dream !

Carlota - Correction . . . It's a daydream !

Fourplets -


*Yasmine get in the limo*


Yasmine - It's everything ok, there is food to everyone !

Fourplets - YAY !

Mafa - Carlota is a pig ! (I had to say that ! xD)

Carlota - I hate you .

Liene - Mafa is drunk !

Sammy - She's perv too .

Mafa - Basiclly... we are all insame!

Fourplets - YAY !

Yasmine - You just scared me . *scared face*

Roxy - Sorry . . .

Fourplets - *guilty face*

Yasmine - *laughs out loud* Now I understand Mika's point ! You're just the best !


*Mafa and Carlota start to talk portuguese with each other, while the other are speaking with Yasmine*


Mafa - Damn ! Did you ever though we would really came to London ? I mean since that week you spent in my house we have that idea and we really did it! Isn't it insame?

Carlota - It's not more insane than be in a limo to Mika's parents house!

Mafa - Are you sure?

Carlota - I don't know . But I'm sure the 2 things together it's most insane thing in the world.

Mafa - I'm so happy! I'm in London, with the best people in the world and going to have dinner with Mika's family.

Carlota - Yeah, me too. *silence* I just remember something!!

Mafa - What ?

Carlota - We'll meet Fortune !


Yasmine - Hey girls. It's not fair you are talking in portuguese and did I just heard Fortune's name?

Mafa and Carlota - *blush* Well . . .

Liene - Hey! *silence for thinking*

Alice - What's the big idea ?!

*they all laugh*

Liene - I had forget we will going to met Mika's brother too!

Yasmine - What's the thing with Fortune ?

Mafa - Well . . . he is Mika's younger brother . *silence* God ! What can we do ! We are pervs, we want to know if he's hot like Mika !

Yasmine - Your talking about my brothers! *laughs* Well... for me they are all hot, but they are my brothers and I love them, so it's up to you. You'll meet him!


*the girls look at each other all with perv smiles*


*all fourplets arrive at the Penniman house*


Roxy: WOOOOOOOW!!! Look at thiiis!!

Sammy: It's greeeat!!

Liene: Ok you guys I thinks its time to wake up!

Mafa: You're right this is too good to be true!

Yasmine: OK girls lets go in!!

*at the door Mr. and Mrs. Penniman are waiting!*

Mr.penniman: Hi!! these must be the girls Mika and you have been talking about!! Come in!

Fourplets; Thanks!

* the fourplets get a tour of the house and look at Mika's basement*

Alice: look at this! here is where a genius sleeps!

Mika: genius?? I don't think sooo!!

Roxy: Mika!!! you scared meee!!

Mika: Oh sorry!!

Carlota: Your basement is great!!

Mika: Thankyou! I've been planning to move but I just love it here!

Liene: It's a nice place!

Mika: btw... what are you guys doing here??

Fourplets: Yasmine invited uuuus!

Mika: tipical!!

Mrs. Penniman: Mika coome for dinner!!

*Mika smile at us and he closed the basements door*


Mika - I'll show you my basement after the dinner. Now lets eat cause I'm starving and I bet you are too, cause the gig was really tiring !

Liene - It was !

Sammy - It was our first gig, that's why we are so exciting .

Mafa - It wasn't our first gig and we were as excited as you!

Carlota - Indeed!

Mika - Yeah girls! It doesn't matters! Came on . You have to meet my brother and my sisters !

Roxy - *whispering* We totally have to meet your brother!

Mika - Excuse me?

Roxy - Nothing, nothing . . . *blushes*

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*they all walk to Penniman's dinner room, all Mika's family was there: Mr. and Mrs. Penniman, Fortune, Allegra, Yasmine, Paloma and Mika (of course)*


Mika - These girls are some fans I met today and Yasmine invited them to have dinner with us. I guess I can introduce them: so... *Mika points the girls while saying her names, he remembered everything and after he introduced his family*


*Fourplet girls were totally mad, cause Fortune is almost as hot as Mika, and younger than Mika. They all sit down and had dinner while they were talking to Mika and his family*


Liene - *whispering to Alice* It's just me or we could date Fortune and it wouldn't be strange cause he is just 17?

Alice - *whispering too* It's just you . . .


Mafa - *whispering to Bel* Isn't Fortune really hot ? God... I'm having perv thoughts !

Bel - *whispering* He is not better than Mika, but he IS good ! Shut up your perv mind!


Sammy - *whispering to Roxy* I though Fortune was uglier than he really is .

Roxy - *whispering* Me too, he is hotter than I have ever think!


Carlota - *whispering to Alice* I wouldn't mind at all marry Fortune and have Mika as friend!

Alice - *whispering* It would be better if I married Mika and had Fortune has friend!

Carlota - *whispering* Yeah, of course! But if I couldn't marry Mika I wouldn't mind at all to marry Fortune!


(I hope I didn't forget any fourplet!)


Mrs. Penniman - Come on, girls! Stop whispering! It is rude, you know?

Fourplets - *guilty face* Sorry . . .

Bel - . . . mom .

Fourplets - *looking at Bel*

Penniman family - *looking at Bel*

Bel - Don't look all at me, please .

Fortune: *Breaking the silence* So....my brother tells me you are big fans!

Liene: *Moving in front of all the girls, dreamily to talk to fortune* Well, im actually a huge fan. Bigger than all these girls! *Bats eyelashes*

Mafa: *Moving in front of her, liene gets mad* ACTUALLY, Im twice the fan liene is. I know all about mikas family too. You guys are great!

Devin: I know more about the family than mafa does! ask me anything!!!

Alice: NO TIME DEVIN! *Moving in front, bats eyelashes* Well.... i know all the lyrics to every song on the album!

Roxy: *Moving toward fortune, who is now feeling anxious because he is surrounded by there girls* Well, i know all the lyrics to all his other songs too! MY favorite is probablly...*Putting her hand on fortunes shoulder* Loverboy

Fortune:....Wel...thats great girls...but.....

Alice: Well I love loverboy too, but ya know what I love even more?....Im Falling. I just love the lyrics..."Im falling in love iwth you...." *Batting eye lashes at fortune.

Sammy: Well, my favorite song is "Any Other World". And becuase YOU sang back ground vocals in it fortune. I just love your work....*batting lashes*


Mika:...WAIT WAIT HIS WORK?!?!?!??!


Bel: Yeah Fortune..... I love any other world more than sammy!



Carlota: I LOVE IT MOST! IM GUNNA SING IT! LOUDER THAN ALL OF YOU! "IN ANY OTHER WORLD.....*practically screaming it*


*We all start to sing it. We start singing louder and louder, each trying to impress fortune more! Sammy and Devin stand up on two chairs....just as we reach ..."To the world you thought you live in...SAY GOOD......." MIKA comes from behind and puts his hands over our mouths. He hopes it will get us to shut up, but we two just get more and more excited because mika has his jand over out mouths.


Mika: THATS IT! THATS ENOUGH! Stop hitting on my brother!

Fortune: *Blushing*

Mafa: Were not hitting on him....were just....um....

Alices: Ok, were hitting on him.

Bel: Sorry Mika.

Mika: Appologize to my brother and the rest of my family!

Fourplets: Were sorry. Sorry Fortune and sorry everyone.


Carlota: NO I AM!

Mika: Lets not start this again. It seems like my brother over here is trying to steal my fans... hehe....all is forgiven...;D

Carlota: *whispers to fourpelts*...We got mika mad.... : (

Mika: *hears us* No you didnt, dont worry loves! LETS EAT!



*Mrs penniman walks in with food. A BIG PLATE OF WHAT ELSE.....CHICKEN! hehe*


Mafa - *speaking normally* Chicken tonight .

Mika - *with a funny smile* No chicken tonight !

Fourplets -

Yasmine - Don't be pervs, girls.

Penniman family - What's wrong with chicken?

Devin - It's nothing wrong with chicken, it's a delicious thing !

Sammy - She's totally right . . .

Carlota - So lets eat, that delicious thing.

Fortune - Yeah girls, and Penniman's chicken it's the best! *smiles to the girls*

Fourplets -

Mika - *looking at Fortune and then looking at fourplets* Don't say that... really.

Fortune - Why? It's the best!

Yasmine - *laughing*

Mika - I know! Mom does it better than everyone!

Fourplets - *start to laugh*

Fortune - Yeah, she's the best!

Mrs. Penniman - Thank you, sweets! *she starts to put chicken in every single plate*

Mika - I know, I know... but don't say chicken to they.

Fortune - Why?

Yasmine - *laughing really hard*

Mika - Well . . . cause they have really perv minds!

Fourplets - Hey!

Mafa - . . . I have ! *silence* Ups . . .

Fortune - But chicken it's just an animal... it doesn't have perv things about!

Yasmine - *dying without breath, but stills laughing*

Mika - I know, I know!

*Mr. Penniman starts to eat, and everyone does the same*

Fortune - So what?

Yasmine - Just don't say it. Really?

Penniman family - *almost screaming* BUT WHY?

Fourplets - *eating with perv smiles*

Mika - *freaking out* Cause to MFC chicken means well…YOU KNOW!…S*X!

Penniman family - *looking at Mika* *then looking at the fourplet girls* Are you that pervs?

Sammy - No! I mean... we know what chicken mean in MFC and we make jokes about this like "Chicken tonight" but I didn't create it!

Liene - Yeah ! We didn't created it!

Alice - At the end we are not the pervest girls around there!

Carlota - I am !

Mafa - I like chicken and nessie !

*Every single person looks completly shocked at Mafa*

Mika - Wtf nessie is?

Fourplets - Please don't tell!

Mika: Ok...im gunan jsut let it go. Wow, ive gotta tell you...this is one of the most interesting dinners Ive had in a while.

Fortune: Oh...I agreeeeeeeee!!!

Devin: A good interesting right though fortune! A GOOD TYPE!?!?!? DONT YOU LIKE US FORTUNE!?!?

Mika: HEY! What did I say? Lay off the little man!

Fortune: Mika, Im tired of you calling me the little man! Just cuz your older...

Paloma: Boys! Stop figthing!

Yasmine: Stop it!

Allegra: Yeah, stop it boys!


Carlota: Wow......this family is just like any ordinary family, haha!

Mika: *sticks tongue out at fortune*

Fortune: *Blows a rasberry at mika*

Mika: OK THATS IT! *Runs aroudn the table and grabs fortune, raps his arm around his neck and starts to give him a noogie.*

Fortune: OW! OW HEY STOP IT!

Mika: SAY IT!

Fortune: SAY WHAT?!??!


Fortune: *mumbles something...* blehafdsfhfmnmnmnmn...


Fortune: Meeks, theres girls here! This is embarassing!

Mika: *wrapping his arm around fortune tighter..*


*Mika, still holding fortune looks at us and smiles. We all wait to see what fortune says...*

Fortune: *In a high girly, feminine baby girl voice* I went walkign with my mama one day when she warned me what people say.... *stops and sees us giggling.*

Mika: *Yanks his ear hard..* KEEP GOIGN! WHAT DID SHE SAY FORTUNE??!?

Fortune: *wincing* OW OW! Live your life until love is found....or loves gunna get you down. OK I SAID IT LET ME GO!


*Mika, Allegra, Paloma, The Fourplets and mikas parents FALL ONTO THE FLOOR LAUGHIN, barley breatheing. Fortune IS SO EMBARASSED!*


Mika: Now that my brother knows who is boss, lets eat!

*We finish the dinner, and the night ends. TOMMOROW IS THE BIG SHOW!*

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hey liene, i already posted the whole thing. so if you wanna edit your post and get rid of that so people dont get confused that would be delicious...


thanks! feel free to continue it though!








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*dances a stupid dance*

we rock girls





At least we are the bests after Mika . :blush-anim-cl:

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hey, i hate to be a nag but are you continueing the daydream? cuz if not i will, but i dont want to if you are working on it and then it gets all messed up. so are you?


i am not :blush-anim-cl:

i was doing some other things, PLEASE continue it cause im not very creative last days, and i dont want to mess it up, cause i know if it will be crappy you wont tell it, so i will mess it up. you ALWAYS have great daydreams ...so continue better you :blush-anim-cl:

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Do you want me to continue the daydream ?



My room vlog it's uploding... God it's taking ages ! :thumbdown:


i forgot about my room vlog :doh:




one thing, when you download it click on its icon with right side of mouse and go to open with, and choose different program cause for me when i open it its on nokias video player and it makes it in a strange shape, and bad quality :D

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Do you want me to continue the daydream ?



My room vlog it's uploding... God it's taking ages ! :thumbdown:




im out of creativity.



and i love you forever mfa, but lets keep it not very pervy. hehe


not in a bad way, i embrace your thoughts......but im in that type of mood




sorry if that sounds harsh.

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im out of creativity.



and i love you forever mfa, but lets keep it not very pervy. hehe


not in a bad way, i embrace your thoughts......but im in that type of mood




sorry if that sounds harsh.


I'm not making it perv . I'm just mocking about the perv things and well . . . I know me... I'm always perv so sometimes I have to say perv things ! Lol !


Now I'm going to make a sweet part . Ok ?

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