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French online article: PDP DVD out in November, album before end of 2008 ?


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Hi everyone,


OK this is to take with a pinch of salt, cause you never know what press can write... It says that Mika's PDP DVD should be out (at least in France) in November.


Per their article (still, to take with a pinch of salt), here is what Mika says: "I just finished all the songs of the next album which might be very very fun (did he not say it was gonna be darker :blink:?). That's all I can say for the moment. It might get released before the end of 2008."




Mika : Le DVD du Parc des Princes bientôt disponible !


Alors que la vidéo d’un show donné à l’Olympia de Paris est sortie à l’hiver 2007, le chanteur pop fera bientôt son retour dans les bacs avec une nouvelle captation !

Avis aux fans ! Au mois de novembre 2008, Mika sortira le DVD de son grand concert au Parc des Princes du 4 juillet dernier !

On y retrouvera les versions live des titres de son album Life in Cartoon Motion : Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), Happy Ending, Love Today, Grace Kelly, Relax... le tout ponctué par les acclamations du public !


Plus d’un million d’albums vendus rien qu’en France, soit le plus grand succès de l’année 2007, on comprend aisément pourquoi le label de Mika lui mettait la pression pour qu’il propose son deuxième album...

"La suite de Life In A Cartoon Motion prendra le temps qu’il faut", avait déclaré le chanteur il y a quelques mois, refusant de devenir la poule aux œufs d’or de sa maison de disques.

Et bien il semblerait que l’interprète de Relax, Take It Easy, se soit depuis activement mis au travail car ce disque est prêt : "Je viens de terminer toutes les chansons de mon prochain album qui risque d’être très fun ! C’est tout ce dont je peux vous dire pour le moment. Sa sortie serait probable avant la fin de l’année 2008", confie Mika

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:boxed:Aaaaaargh I'm not sure it's a serious information (I've never heard of "Paris evous" until now..we will see if it's confirmed in the next days...) but if it's true it's not a really good news: we have to wait Em' until november to see this all together!! It will be hard!


I like their relevant comment about the "hypothetical" release of his next album before the end of the year...it's brillant!! :mf_rosetinted::naughty:


Thanks Em'! ;)

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OMM REALLY? SO FAST? ok ok , i know its not 100% safe ,but my heart beats now faster :naughty: of course it will need a lot more time when it will be here,so i will buy it from internet like DVD LICM :naughty: CANT WAIT :wub2:

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'Mika: The DVD of the Park of the Princes soon available! Whereas it video of a show given to Olympia of Paris east left at the winter 2007, the pop singer makes soon his return in the vats with a new collecting! Opinion with the fans! In November 2008, Mika will leave the DVD its great concert to the Park of the Princes of last July 4! One will find there the versions live of the titles of his Life album in Cartoon Motion: Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), Happy Ending, Coils Today, Grace Kelly, Relax… the whole punctuated by the acclamations of the public! More than one million albums sold only in France, is the greatest success of the year 2007, one includes/understands easily why the label of Mika put the pressure to him so that he proposes its second album… " The continuation of Life In has Cartoon Motion will take time that it faut" , the singer had declared a few months ago, refusing to become the goose that lays the golden eggs of its recording company. And well it would seem that the interpreter the Relaxed one, Take It Easy, since actively put himself at work because this disc is ready: " I have just finished all the songs of my next album which is likely to be very fun! It is all of which I can say to you for the moment. Its exit would be probable before the end of the year 2008" , Mika entrusts'


and the french part in english!


i really dont think that much of this will happen, this soon. i mean, mika said himself that it will have a darker theme

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Well if it IS released on Nov 3rd we will definatly have it for the MFC pre Christmas party.................Silver, can we book a large screen do you think!:naughty:


Already on the list of requirements :thumb_yello:

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