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The MFC Pet!!

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The Yearbook Cover Art Team is proud to present to the MFC community it's pet: Mr Chunky Von Fluffyschnauser... The Third!

[We all hope the MFC adopts our little criature and make it the official pet!]


Let me explain to you how Mr Chunky Von Fluffyschnauser III was born. The main design for the front cover has a crystal ball in it and inside of that crystl ball there's a circus theme going on. Each person wanted to put something inside of the crystal ball, but we are a lot of people and the room is too small, so I though we could do a Chimera http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimera_(mythology) and like that we could simplify everything into one single thing! We did it and everyone choose an animal part for it and Zsina draw it!



1. Ankmet 20 [Turtle Shell]

2. Mozarella [Monkey feet/hands]

3. englishrose [Toucan's beak]

4. iadoremika [Lion's mane]

5. MiKaL00v3

6. Marianne84 [swan's wings]

7. Guineverer [Googly alien's eyes]

8. KaryLovesMika! [Giraffe's skin]

9. Emerald [Cow's udders]

10. Meyer Twins [bunny ears]

11. Lovelove mika [Peacock feathers]

12. Daydreambeliever [Whale's tail]

13. hotdlp [bull's horns]

14. findingmywords [Horse's body]

15. Louiza [Cat's eyes]

16. Zsina [snake's tongue]



And this is the final result!!




Pettable?? :naughty:

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All of our ideas combined made me think of witches making a brew. You know how they always add weird things like frog legs and monkey brains...:naughty:


It sounds like that's what we were making.:bleh:


Exactly! I was thinking the same!!:roftl:


Yay! The cover art witches.

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