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Hello everyone, newbie here!


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Since I am a newbie on the forum as well as the club, I thought it'd be nice to introduce myself.


I'm a 26 year old 'younglady' from Holland who has first heard of Mika in 2007. Just saw some of his videos on MTV and another Dutch music channel. Have always liked his songs as they are very happy sounding but never really took the time to 'dive' into it, really..

But I went to see his gig at the Westerpark in Amsterdam with a close friend last July and ever since I am totally hooked on his music! Never in my life have I seen such a fun gig with so much colour and good vibes in the audience. It was brilliant and Mika's band is really good too. They made things sound very funky which I love..


So I am hoping to find a lot of interesting reads to sink my teeth into and to get to know you better too. I have seen some of your names on Mika's blog too, which makes it all seem like a small community. I am also hoping to be enjoying myself a lot here, so I am off to the other forums and see what's in there for me to read..


Bye for now and cheers! :thumb_yello:



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