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The Choir Thread


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I had the best concert this weekend at my Choir Concert. !!! We rocked the house so to speak. We are the Victoria Summer choir of about 80 members of all different levels and apparently it was one of the best choir concerts !

We did classical , Jazz, Broadway, Gospel, and Pop. My two fave songs were Calme de Nuit by Saint Seans which was so gorgeous in Accapella. My fave song of all was Namur, a song about friendship and love and Belgium. Namur is a place in Belgium where many meet for Choir gatherings. We premiered this piece ( World Premiere) and the actual composer was present. It was so beautiful and my section (first Alto) got the best part !!!!! its rare! but I think this composer likes to write for Mezzo Sopranos! (finally!!!) and apparently I shined in that song because I took the reigns on the melody part! so when I finally get my keyboard fixed I will do a keyboard rendition of this let you listen to it! its so gorgeous and really reminds me of the friendships I have made in the MFC. .I was so teary in the song! Its Accapella and I will eventually have an MP3 of my performance in 2009 .


we have 29 choirs in our city!

In fact...there is a statistic in Victoria. There are more musicians per square metre in any city in the world. and good schools here to! if ever want to study in Victoria, I recommends the Conservatory where David Foster got his education. Tuition is very high but the quality is beyond superb!



What choir do you belong to? Mine is the Victoria Choral Society

what is your favourite choir piece?

What fantastic choir experiences have you had?

What size is your Choir? 100..one year was 144.

What is your favourite venue? Mine is the Cathedral...look at this:






I cried buckets when we had too sold out concerts to Handel's Messiah


Which MIKA piece (other than Any Other World and Happy Ending) would you like to perform in a choir format? Should anyone like to arrange a choir arrangement and let MIKA know some how? a gospel version of Holy Johnny would be fun!



my favourite concert was when we performed Mozart's Requiem.with the Symphony. I am an official Mozart Fan!:wub2: The auditorium was completely full...1,200 people..and 2 standing ovations .




Maybe one day we can meet and sing together!!!


xxx Suzanne:)

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Hi Elanorelle


Sounds like you had a fantastic time at your concert:thumb_yello:


I sing in a chamber choir which sings both sacred and secular classical music from all centuries, but particulary the 20th and 21st. Most of our concerts are entirely unaccompanied. The choir usually has about 25 singers.


My favourite piece is Britten's Hymn to St Cecilia - I'm a big fan of Britten's music, and I love this particularly because I get to sing the solo !


I also like all the Renaissance church music - e.g. Victoria, Lassus, Tallis etc


I don't think I would like to sing an arrangement of a Mika song - I just think Mika does them better! I find most arrangements of "pop" songs for choir a bit dull, to be honest.

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