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MFC Christmas Party 29th November - Planet HollyWood

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Ok a new thread so you can add your names and things , also a little more structured as to the wheres and why and hows we do it :thumb_yello:


So the MFC Christmas party will happen on the the weekend of the 28th-30th November.


Location : London (area to be confirmed)


Date : 28th - 30th November


Main party date 29th

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have had an email back form Planet Hollywood. I have tried to cut and paste it but for some reason it doesn't want to play


Basically, we can have a provisional booking for 30 for 9:30 on Saturday 29th Nov (that is the only time available.)


They will hold the provisional booking for seven days then they would want 30% deposit and then final payment 56 days prior to the event ( I haven't worked this out exactly but it will be approx the end of September).


This basically means (on a booking of 30 people) a deposit of £225 with a balance of £525. This works out to £7.50 deposit each and £ 17.50 balance.


This is non refundable.


Therfore we have to decide if we are going for it.


If we are, I am happy to pay if people can pay me, either by paypal or by cheque.


We will need definate numbers in order to book.


Personally I think we should go for it. Although it is probably a bit of a pain to set up it would mean that it was all paid for in advance (apart from drinks) what do you all reckon?


K x

DEADLINE : 12/09/08 !!!!

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