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songs you cant stop repeating over and over


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shine on - the kooks


my sister in the next room is getting annoyed because this is about the twenty-fifth time i've played it

but i'm hooked :naughty:


Ohh I was hooked on that song for a while! Very adictive.


Im adicted to Dance Wiv Me by Dizzie Rascal and Calvin Harris. I dont think I could ever get tired of that song.

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omg no way!


yeah, for like 3 seconds...


The song is called 'maybe I'll enjoy it next year' and all his fans had to dance to the song and film it. My video was very embarrassing...but I made it into the video. + I danced on stage with him (and 5 other lucky winners) after that I met him in his dressingroom and I've got a signed cd:wub2:

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