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Whadda'ya think? you like my glasses?


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:naughty: i was getting bored today... and my neighbors were too noisy so i couldn't focus on studying (lame excuse i know)so i got 2 glasses from the kitchen and did this:... (my dad's gonna faint when he gets home i know... but... he'll get over it) :naughty:

the drawings are pretty crappy 'cause the pens were almost dried...

waiting for comments... be honest :bleh:





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Oh! I love them. You are better at drawing with dried markers than I am! :naughty:

thank you!

haha... if you take a really close look at them they don't look that well..

i have photogenic glasses :lol3:

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I SO love them! :wub2: Could you sent me one, as a bday present? :fisch::naughty:

:naughty:sure... but your bday is already gone :roftl:


i`ll buy one if i didn`t live here and buying stuff from ebay means for a lot of money

:thumbdown: i know.... shipping costs are killing me. i spend 4 hours a day on ebay and then i close the window because i see the prices with shipping included :aah:

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