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Mika is everywhere you go!


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Look what I've found in Toronto, Allan Gardens Conservatory...









Aren't they gorgeous? :wink2:

That is Mika Raw Power!!! :punk:

When you miss him, he's always there for you!

Thank you Mister M :w2:


Omg looool :roftl: I can't believe that some flowers are named "lollypops" :naughty:

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:floor: I have always been 100% sure about that :mf_rosetinted:


...but I kind of like being stalked by Mika :naughty:



lol well it's not the 1st time i've had a famous stalker (I'm not saying who) he stalked me on my myspace but i adore him so it's ok:thumb_yello:


Mika can stalk me too if he likes as long as he doesn't become one of those creepy stalkers it's fine by me lol:punk:

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i stole this ones from babs fantastic photo album:naughty:



It all started when Kata and I found Mika in our soup.


How I remember that miracle!

I had to eat it though. :mf_rosetinted:




Its not just me who is seeing something here is it....

I think im going mad - im blaming all of you lot!





Mika is everywhere indeed!:shocked:

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