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the Isle of Man thread...


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Dy bannee diu (hello) Ta'n ennym orrym Ruby (my name is Ruby)

and I am the official MFC world representative for the Isle of Man, that cute little Island in between England and Ireland.


I’ve started this thread for anyone whose ever visited/lived/lives on the Island. if you've ever visited... write down what you thought of the place, where you went, what you did etc. and for all of you that still don't have a clue what or where the IOM is, i hope to shed some light for you...


it has a population of about 95,000 people, it has one of the oldest and longest continuing parliaments in the entire world (Tynwald), the Island hosts the annual TT motorbike races which are so popular people come from all over the world to watch or race in them, the IOM was the first place in the world that allowed women to vote in government elections and in the IOM you can legally drive and vote at the age of 16.


our capital is called Douglas, we have a mountain (snaefell) and an electric tram railway as well as a (brill) steam railway system. we may be small but we have a lot packed into our tiny island and we are just as important as any other country/Island. Viking travellers fell in love with the island and founded many of our towns (as well as Tynwald), the Island is named after the Celtic god Mannanin who supposedly still protects the Island with his cloak of mist :-D


this is our Flag called the three legs of Mann (no that's not a typo! two 'n's)




here is where the Island is located...




now please feel free to post any thoughts, questions or opinions on the IOM, Gura mie ayd (thank you) l2a Ruby xxx :-D


(oh and if anyone is wondering what the IOM looks like, i have a few pictures of it in my own photo album on my profile called 'Ruby's Manx stuff', L2a x)

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