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I'm an old member from last year. I haven't been here in awhile, but i noticed some great changes and wanted to introduce myself to the new members and hopefully, reacquaint myself with the old members.


I'm formally known as Cynthia Mulat.


I think its appropriate to apology to members who know me, for the last comment i made before i left. I won't post it here, as to not spread negativity. But i do want to say i am very sorry to anyone i offended and to those people who worked so hard to build this community. It was an unfair and unjust statement.


MFC is really a great place. So I'm happy I'm back. It's good to see MFC doing so well and flourishing with new people interested in Mika or other similar interests. I may not be posting very much but i'll be around.




For those of you who don't know anything about me, i'll introduce myself.


I became a fan (Just so you know, i don't like the word "fan" very much) of Mika in April last year over Spring Break. I was introduced to Mika by my best friend and have been a supporter ever since.


Love Mika (think of him as a brother), his music, his sisters art work and just their whole family. There an a mazing bunch of talented people. I want to see them effect the music industry in a more powerful way.


I've been to 13 gigs and met Mika 12 times and had a bit of a roller coaster ride the whole way. Met a lot of cool mfcers, that i miss or still keep in contact with externally and I'm looking to meet more.


I think that sums it up.


Have a great day!



Welcome Cynthia!


I remember ya :wink2: Don't know you too well, but hopefully that'll change :biggrin2:

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