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PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW photo!!!!!!!!! with KATY


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i just saw it as well... here is the text that goes with the pic: :wink2:


Awwwww, we're there in sprit!!!


Miz Katy Perry currently has the #1 song in the U.K. - for the 5th week in a row! - with her worldwide monster hit I Kissed A Girl.


So, straight from her performance at the MTV VMAs, the singer hopped on a flight to Europe, where she'll be working her toosh off for the next month.


On Tuesday night, the singer caught up with old friend Mika in London.


The pair went together to the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, a big deal on that side of the pond.


We can't wait ’til November, when we're back in London - AND Liverpool for the first time!


[Photo via Getty Images.]

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