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Vote for Mika! As Best Act Ever > EMA 2008 in Liverpool!


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Let's all vote for Mika!:thumb_yello: As Best Act Ever



Btw: Have you seen who is hosting this years EMA's??









(I couldn't find a thread about it, but that could defo be my mistake....so if there is one already:mods please delete mine!)

I've been voting for a couple of weeks now. There is another thread. I hope he gets nominated! He's up against some very big names, but my opinion is that for the short time he's been around and what he has achieved in his concerts already, he deserves the award. Within a couple of years from now, there will be no one on stage to equal him, in the past, present or future! Edit: Don't forget to nominate Mika in other catagories! You can do that. There's a box just below the main voting thingy.

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