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Quotes about MIKA from normal (and not-so-normal) people


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Not quotes by famous people about MIKA, not quotes by MIKA, not quotes by YOU, but what people you know (or don't know) have said about MIKA.

We've shared every other thing and I think this would be a totally interesting topic. When people say nice things about Mika in front of me for some reason I feel really happy. I even feel happy when people hear my Mika ringtone and say "Oh! That's Mika!" Anyway, I'm babbling. I'll start off with a few:





"Mika is just very special. He has such a unique voice and even if you don't like his music and you're out in the shopping mall and hear a song by him you've never heard before, you think 'oh, that’s Mika,' and you just can't help but smile and roll your eyes a little." – my mum's friend



"Mika! Oh yeah, he sings Grace Kelly. I heard it when my daughter had the music channel on TV. It's a piece of genius." -My maths teacher, upon seeing the collage of LICM artwork on my maths book



"Awesome! I officially love that guy!" – my german friend when he heard MIKA start "stuck in the middle," on the LiveICM DVD with the german 1,2,3,4



"I think Mika deserves his own genre of music" – one of my friends



"I cried when I heard I heard any other world. I don't know what it was written about but for some reason it brought up so many painful memories of my divorce." – my aunt



"don't worry, she was just needing her mika fix." – my friend when I startled a whole lot of people by screaming when I heard love today on a camp with no cellphones/mp3 players etc allowed

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"Next time, you bring Mika in , honey, and you can listen to him while Momma shops, but if I hate it after the first song, I'm putting my 80's music in."--Guy who works at the place where my mom buys uniforms for work


"Oh, you won't."-- My mom responding to the guy


Me: :shocked:(My mom usually seems slightly annoyed by Meeks)

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"I think Mika deserves his own genre of music" – one of my friends


I agree!!!:naughty:


"You know Mika won't care if you die, right?" - My friend

" :tears::sneaky2: *shuns her* " - Me




How mean...




"I see how you can be in love with him but not in love with him." -My grandma.:wub2:


"You totally got me into Mika. I can't go one day without watching the Grace Kelly music video now."-Friend from school.:blush-anim-cl:


"Thank you for introducing me to Mika and all his happy songs."-What friend wrote in yearbook.


"I wish I heard of him sooner!"-Friend from school.


"...He sings really high..."-What friend said after concert. :lol3:

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At the last Toronto show I got there early with some MFCers so I gave a friend of mine two tickets so she could bring a friend with her later. This was her reaction after the gig:


To be quite honest I was really blown away by his people skills, his showman skills and to have a whole package like that, with the talent is really quite incredible. There is something very alluring about him live. He knows how to inspire masses, has that brainwashing-indoctrinating ability. Good thing he wants to get people to sing along to some feel good songs instead of throw themselves off bridges or meet jesus at a spaceship or blow themselves up in jihad missions. I think he could do it. You have this guy pegged just right. I can see that this guy is really good at being alluring. Isn't that just a very rare quality to have?

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"o god he is gay"- dad after seeing the part of the making of happy ending when mika goes up to his toy theater :naughty:


my reaction :sneaky2: "he hasnt said anything yet":sneaky2:


"he collects doll houses"- dad


my reaction :sneaky2: "its a toy theater...and what is wrong with collecting doll houses":sneaky2::naughty::naughty:

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My dad & I were in the car a few months back & I can't remember everything of what he was saying (just boring random stuff really) but i do remember him saying this (the most important part where he mentions something Mika related)


'oh I was driving mum back from town the other day & we had the window open a little & some woman was driving alongside me with that Mika song playing you know the one about big girls or something, she was blaring it out loud & singing along


and i just giggled & thought that's exactly what I'd do if i had my own car listening to Mika & singing along!


another quote (this time from my mum)


I was showing mum the licm dvd on my old laptop (back in december/january approx) and I was showing her the big girl video & grace kelly video & she said


'my my, he's handsome isn't he' I just smirked & tried not to go bright red:blush-anim-cl: then said a moment or so later 'yeah I suppose he is yeah' & then she said 'he's definatley a good looking & talented chap & sings good songs' and i said 'yeah I agree'


I can't remember any more things that people have said about Mika whilst they've been talking to me or what i've overheared If I remember any more i shall post them here :punk:

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