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But Fuchsia doesnt sell em anymore ...

Does anyone have 1 or 2 at home, and they don't want it anymore?


ME AND STARRATS would love one!

We are willing to pay for it ofcourse!!!


Its this one:





We ordered at the beginning of August and we just known for about a week that we can not order the bracelets and got our money back:thumbdown:










MANY thanx already!!!




We're NOT looking for bracelets like 100_3742.jpg



ALSO we're not looking for LOOK-A-LIKES!

No, we want THESE...Accesories_Jewlery_heartbraclet.jpg


The other stuff we found already



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I would like to have that one as well :wub2::mf_rosetinted:


But they don't sell them anymore,you say?:shocked:


Thats correct they Do Not sell em anymore, they can't find the beads anymore, so we all got our money back...they ARE looking for the beads though..

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well i think i found it....http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/rainbow-heart-stretch-bracelet


Yes we found them too, they're sold out, dear...


ones i made.




BTW. the ones that look aqua coloured are actually yellow. i just have a crap camera


Thats not the same is it?

I make those myself!




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the one showed in last pic does look the same as the fuxja one. just the fuxja one shines in the dark.. does the new one do it too..? :blink:



I had ordered the bracelet from fuxja ages ago, when I saw it on fanny in nyon, but never got it and was refunded, as everyone else.


if one finds the link and the bracelet is reasonably priced, pls post it here. thx.

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