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Mika twice en the Dutch Top 2000


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Tomorrow at 12 'o' clock in the night, the Dutch Top 2000 starts again. This time, Mika has two places: for Grace Kelly (1606) and Relax (Take it Easy) (1117)!

Unfortunately, most of his songs could not get in: songs released in this year were not in it. This is because of the 10th anniversary. The djs decided to just make a list of the most popular songs in the last 10 Top 2000s. Next year, we're all going to vote on Lollipop, Happy Ending, Love Today etc., aren't we? :naughty:


<EDIT> O damnit :sneaky2: Can some mod please change the title? That en is meant to be an in. :roftl:

<EDIT2> After checking it, I changed Relax's position from 1117 to 1080. That's what it really is :wink2:

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Ah crap, you were faster than me.


I saw it, nobody on here voted, so he is like, 1000 places lower than last year, when Grace Kelly was at #500something, and Relax at #300something. I'm proud he's in there, cause most of the songs are quite old and good classics:thumb_yello:

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I wonder what Relax's position is: I made a mistake: at the site was that it was at 11117, which is impossible because it's a top 2000 and not a top 20,000! Let's just pray and hope it IS in the chart! Stupid sites, stupid me! :naughty:

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