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Anyone listen to Eels?


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So there's this band called Eels that I've discovered recently.


It's basically one guy, called "E", and an interchanging band of musicians he works with. Have a listen!


Their music has been featured on the soundtrack for the movie "Yes Man" and for the TV show "Scrubs."


Check it out!




Fresh Feeling

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By the way, you should listen to their version of Missy Elliott's 'Ger ur freak on.'

I think they were actually taking the piss but it's such a good version! (I couldn't find the recorded version on yt, the audio of this live one isn't that great)




Wow, that's crazy! It's sooo different. Interesting. Like Mika's interpretation of "Hips Don't Lie" :naughty:


I heard "Fresh Feeling" on my favorite show "Chuck"


Such an awesome song


Yes it is. It's one of my faves :wub2:

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