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I actually just bought her album a week or two ago. She's okay.

I think she has some cute songs, but the soft baby-voice got on my nerves after a while.

"Trouble is a Friend" is definitely my favorite song of hers.

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Lenka has got some good songs.. I like her music.. the trouble with her for me is she seems pretentious.. like she's trying to be cute. Not that it matters much when you're appreciating the music. I just can't watch her and enjoy the music at the same time. But The Show and Trouble is a friends are two songs I really like.:thumb_yello:

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I got a ticket to see Lenka at the University Of London Union but we got our 6th Form thing today and I'm in Psychology until 6pm, and theres no way I could get into London in under an hour, so I thought I'd offer it here before I put it on eBay or something.

Its on Wednesday 14th October, you have to be 16 or over, face value £17 (inc. service and processing charges), but I had to pay postage too so I'm offering at £20. I would have to meet up with whoever want it in London at a weekend sometime. Possibly an evening during the week, but not Mondays or Wednesdays. Let me know within a week if you want it by PM and we can sort it =)

(If mods are against this cause it's not a Mika ticket, let me know and I'll delete the post =) )

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