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youtube-official music videos ban!!!

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this is what i've found:










it all says 'alledgedly'.


i think its unlikely. they get so many veiws that it would not be worth taking them down.


I still have to read 'your' articles, but my newspaper said that YT blocked the music vids in the midst of negotations....

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hi AMP!:punk:


shovelling the sea is an impossible task..and trying with a fork is even more, cause all water passes through!:roftl:


preventing music from being posted on youtube is as much as impossible!:thumb_yello:




Ok, thanks.

But what I understand from one of the articles that is has smt to do with a blockage for one special record compagnie. (I'm an Oldling, forgot the name already tho it is a huge compagny...!:wink2:)

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I read something about it, it mentioned only 'premium music videos' , so I'm guessing that they meant the official ones.


But don't records companies have their own channels on Youtube to play official vids?


I hope it's not true.

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^ a childrens news channel


Why has YouTube blocked music videos?


There's bad news if you're a big fan of watching music videos on YouTube, as the site has decided to block them all.

At 6pm on Monday thousands of videos started becoming unavailable to people logging on from inside the UK.

YouTube is owned by Google, and bosses of the company say that it will cost too much money to keep them online.

It's not just videos uploaded by record companies that are being blocked - ones added to YouTube by fans that are official are being banned as well.

Click here to vote for your fave music act in Your Charts


YouTube isn't allowed to put up the videos for free - it has to pay an organisation called PRS for Music a fee.




Now the bosses of YouTube say PRS for Music is putting its prices up, and as a result it's just too expensive to have them online.

Steve Porter, head of the PRS, said he was "outraged... shocked and disappointed" by YouTube's decision.

In a statement, Mr Porter said the move "punishes British consumers and the songwriters whose interests we protect and represent".

Users will notice

YouTube's director of video partnerships Patrick Walker said: "We feel we are so far apart that we have to remove content while we continue to negotiate with the PRS.

"We are making the message public because it will be noticeable to users on the site."

what do you think? should they ban music videos?

what happens when you try to submit one to youtube?


post here!/










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Pffffff .......


Don't know what to say about it :roftl:

I already had to remove my videos, but if they now gonna remove all music videos .. :thumbdown:


If we only can have what fans put on there (what they filmed themselves, I suppose you can still do that?) then well ... pfffffffffffffff ... :boxed: There can be some nice videos every now and then .. but especially when a band isn't that famous, most of them just suck :thumbdown::sad:

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Though I understand money concerns, I can't lie and say I'm happy about it. I'm gutted! YouTube is how I discovered all those foreign beauties....y'know, being a fan of J-Pop an'all...



Oh well, looks like Imeem is the way forward now!

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