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I joined yesterday :P


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lol. I'm so glad to finally be on this site after loving MIKA for about 2 years now! thanks to my friend who introduced me to his music, or else well, I'd be asking " Mika who?"


Get to me! I'm crazy, funny, wacky, into everything MIKA, also, music, dance, singing, instruments, artwork, anyhting artsy fartsy. lol.


I'm a Newbie!!! :)

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hello, icanbevioletsky. we have 2 more very famous violetsky here already, as I'm sure you'll find out. some of the adorable mfc'ers you'll find here :wink2:


welcome to the club: enjoy some mika madness and endless chats. :naughty:


and being a long time fan, you surely have lots of share too. :thumb_yello:

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