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Lady Gaga (and Mika) to perform for the Queen in London - dec. 7 2009

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Funny interview


Mika's manure meeting with Queen




YouTube :


Original : http://t.love.com/278221017


  --  10:07am Tuesday 8th December 2009


Mika has revealed that he had already met the Queen before going on stage at the Royal Variety Performance - but at the time he was smelling of horse manure.


The Grace Kelly singer recalled how he broke into a polo event as a seven-year-old and managed to queue up to meet her, even though he and his friend had been playing in what they thought was a sand pit.


"Prince Charles was playing a polo match, it was a private event, we managed to join the line and she almost managed to shake our hands and then took one look at us, probably smelt us, and turned around," he laughed.


"My friend lived next to the polo ground and we broke in, and we ended up playing in what we thought was a sand pit - it actually ended up being a big manure pit."


But Mika said he wouldn't be mentioning their last encounter to the Queen when they met at the show in Blackpool on Monday night.


He said before the event: "We've been told to keep it very short, and not to speak until we're spoken to - so I don't think I'll be bringing up the horse manure story."


The star added he was also looking forward to meeting Whoopi Goldberg, who he described as "my Oprah".


"I know most people who are performing apart from Chaka Khan and Whoopi Goldberg," he explained. "Whoopi Goldberg's my Oprah - I think she's absolutely amazing.


"I think she's going to take over Oprah's throne. She's brilliant - I've loved her since I was a little kid."

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A. Clay said:


RE - uploaded ! :teehee:


:flowers2: Thanks Guy, you make me reminding this video !!


2009.12.08 Mika meets Queen : CNN breaking News





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