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Stick it To Mika!


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...from Mikasounds.com...




Available now exclusively in the Mika Webstore are some limited edition To-Fu stickers, more souvenirs from Mika's recent trip to the Far East.


The 8cm by 5cm stickers come in packs of 7 and would make the ideal adornment for any fridge, exercise book or cherished electrical item.


Click here to snap yours up. When they’re gone they’re gone…


Strictly limited set of 7 MIKA To-Fu stickers. 7 mini-MIKA's in 7 different outfits.


$9 / £6 / €7.80

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Methinks I will have to get them :teehee: but I can't help wondering how limited 'strictly limited' really is...




Mikasounds logic rules like this: 10 000 sets available now. When you get them you'll notice that there are 10 000 sets more. :mf_rosetinted:

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Seriously, Mika's merch people gotta know something :doh:


or, I can be his merch organizer for him for FREE. that sticker and that price is not make sense....... :mf_rosetinted: why cant they think of fab other items of MIKA? :bonk:

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These are expensive quite useless stickers.. :shocked:

Is the real one not enough?

mika's face is gettin more and more like a 'brand' with stuff.

Soon you can buy blankets and pillows with his face on it. :aah:


I think he's pretty much been a 'brand', since 2007!

Once artist make a name for themselves, that's how they are percieved, business wise.

I remember in one interview in late 07, Mika said something about 'the project' when refering to his career.

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