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Hi there (:


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So I've been watching, reading all the posts here for quite long time, but I never have enough, uum... guts (? (: ) to join the conversations. I always thought that there are so much members, so much posts and it's so easy to get lost in this forum... but i couldn't restrain. I never knew how I should introduce myself, but well... :D


My name is Greta and I'm 17. I'm from Lithuania. I love autumn, hate hot summers and sea. I don't see anything extraordinary and magic in it, while other think that sea is just something very romantic. I love music and even if I'm not very musical person I just wouldn't have life without it. I love to draw (but I'm not very good at this, too :D). I'm a lazy person, but if I start to do something I'll better do my best or don't do this at all. What's more... I'm a big dreamer. Sometimes I think that I dream too much, but I just can't do anything with myself. I hate almost all things that most of people love. I'm Capricorn so maybe it's because of my principles. :D


How I discovered Mika? Long story.(: Few years ago my mom kept on asking me to upload some of Mika's songs in her mp3 player. So I knew few songs of him and honestly, I didn't like them. I just didn't go into details. But in February of 2009 I started to go to a new school and met a new friend there. She was (and still is) a big big fan of Mika. Step by step, she made me to start listen to his songs. And I'm so grateful to her!!! It's more than year than I'm possessed with his music, style and everything he does. His music is my biggest enjoyment of life and inspiration. I think I would be like living dead now if I wouldn't discovered him...


I just don't know what more I could tell about myself. Just hope I'll join all those conversations too. (: And beforehand, sorry for my english. And thanks for reading, cause it must be boring. :D

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Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:


You've made the first step, so don't stop posting :naughty: Just join in the conversation if something interests you.


I hardly posted at all when I first joined, and look at me now :roftl:

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