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BELGIAN FLASHMOBS TO MIKA - Blog @ Mikasounds - Posted on September 24th, 2010


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Back at the start of summer Belgian public radio and TV station RTBF organised a huge flashmob in aid of charity.


If you’re in Belgium you may have seen footage from the mob on your TV recently and if you did you will have noticed that it was all soundtracked by Mika’s ‘Love Today’!


Luckily the video has now reached the online realm and is available to Mika fans all around the globe - check it out now on Youtube


All proceeds from the event went to Cap 48. You can read more about their charitable work at http://www.rtbfmedia.be/cap48.





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I am so thrilled! Mika's music is just right for flashmobs. Let's hope there will be lots more flashmobs with Mika songs. I'd love to see one with We Are Golden. Imagine thousands of people, all going "WE ARE NOT WHAT YOU THINK WE ARE, WE ARE GOOOOOOOLDEN!!"
so true! I hope it too!


Fantastic to see all these people, young, old and so on, thanks Mari!!!
seeing all these people dancing together is so heartwarming :tears::wub2:
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