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wazup yall!


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Hey there! I'm Tegan, the Aussie rep... If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Oooh, and make sure you go visit the Aussie thread.


Whole of Victoria? Which Victoria? I am in one of the world's Victorias too:teehee:


I'd say she means your Victoria...


Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:


Though I think a few Aussie fans may dispute your claim :naughty:


Oooh yes... maybe the Victorians can fight it out amongst themselves :teehee:

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hi, i'm eleanor, and i'm the biggest MIKA fan in the whole of victoria, i don't think i can say i'm the biggest MIKA fan in the world, but i like MIKA so much, it can get annoying for members of the general public!!!!!!:badmood:

Hello LegendOfAwesome. Welcome to the club for fans of His Royal Awesomeness Mika!

Is Victoria, the Victoria in Canada? If so, how did you get to know Mika. I heard they never play him on the radio in Canada.

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