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What's eeryone doing for halloween then?? :mf_rosetinted:

Any partys? trick or treating?

And what are you dressing up as? :naughty:

Maybe post good halloween party ideas, just anything to

do with halloween really!! :biggrin2:


Well... i'm going to a party, i was gonna go as a Zombie lollipop

girl, put i wouldnt be able to get hold of a costume/make one.

So im gonna go as toy boy :aah: In girl form! What d'you think? :mf_rosetinted:

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At first I wanted to be Snookie (from "The Jersey Shore"), but then I figured many people would be guidos/guidettes. Then I wanted to be Ali G but I didn't know if enough people would know who he is.


So now I'm out of ideas. :roftl:

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I made a Mirror Ball suit from The Mighty Boosh a few months ago for no real reason so I can wear that. I don't know where I'm going to wear it though because I have no real Halloween plans this year. Yay University.


It looks like this if you don't know what The Mighty Boosh is:


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I'm going to do trick or thread with my friend, wich is very weird because I live in Belgium and nobody does it here :aah:

I have no idea as what I'm going but I'm going to dress my stepbrother as some kind of zombie dog and he can go with us :biggrin2:

We're also going to Lollipopwolf cookies :naughty:

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