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David Tennant


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This thread is for all things David Tennant-y!




Small print:

There was another thread for him... But that was Doctor Who too... So mods, delete if you wish.


David's becoming more and more popular. There are a LOT of fans, and I think there needs to be a place where we can talk about him!


He's probably best know for being the Doctor in Doctor Who.


Described as "slim and foxy" :das:


Currently he's in a series on BBC1 called "Single Father".


Let the fangirling begin! :naughty:

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OMG. This is the best thread in the world! Woop! :punk: David tennant. I dream about him often. teehee. He is so handsome. But i wouldnt watch last weeks episode of Single Father. He starts making love to a woman. :mf_rosetinted:


*can be bothered*

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I think I need to watch last weeks Single Father... And Ask Rhod Gilbert because I didn't know that exsisted until Eloise's sig :roftl:


EDIT: But I can't be bothered xD


Single Father was okay. As usual. :aah: Ask Rhod Gilbert was hilarious though. :lmfao:



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