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Yea, Howdy, that's how I talk. So some of you may remember me from the Mika sounds forums, same account name (jess to those that knew me closely).


People call me Sean, I'm 16 and in my last year of school. I live in England, on the east coast in a town called Grimsby and I currently live with my mum but spend most of my time staying with friends and my partner.


I've been following Mika for 3 years (4 years next month :blush-anim-cl: ). Only seen him in concert once (February 18th this year) and there's talk of seeing about concerts next year WOOO!!!


Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask, I'm not going to eat you :)

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I tried MFC in the old days, like 3 years ago when it wasn't quite fine tuned. Needless to say it's fixed now. It was just back then... I don't know, I wanted to stick to sounds rather than MFC.


I'm talking when you had to explain to every noob about it not excepting shirt as a word and censoring it (don't know if it still does) :)


Oh yea, and the day chicken was turned into a innuendo. You know what I'm talking about ;)


but yea, that's when I was looking here, you can see the reason I didn't settle here then :)

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Some one asked in one of the other threads if I speak any other languages, thought it best to post the response up here for people :) it's just copy and pasted:


Unfortunately no, (well yes but you can't write in sign language, but I speak two types of sign languages: BSL (stands for British sign language), and Makaton which is a simplified form of sign language, used mainly by younger sign users and those with learning difficulties. I can also write in and read egyptian hieroglyphics, but that's no use in communication either).


So the long and short of it is yes, but not in a way that's of any use in communication here. :)

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