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hey everyone! =)


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well hiya,


im a newbie XD just found this site when i was searching around for the next MIKA concert.. someone said there was gonna be one in Van... and found a post on here so i decided 2 join. =)


so about me,


- Im fourteen

- live on the West Coast (The Place Of Perpetual Rain)

- am a cat person =3

- love reading

- writer

- LOVE MIKA (is ma fav singer =3)

- LOVE and LIVE FOR Doctor Who =D♥♥:mf_lustslow:


i found MIKA when i ws searching for Whovian vids on UTube and found one 2 Grace Kelly XDD (LOVE that song)


so ya! those r the main points, cant wait to start posting and shiz! i might not be on like, constantly i DO have a bit of a life XD but i love hanging out with other fans online so.. il be here. =)

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