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Hi everybody!


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I am Elena and I come from Italy.

I'm a new mika fan. I already knew him from GK, but I've fallen in love with his music only after the 2nd album (and then, watching his interviews and his gigs on youtube, I've fallen in love with him too).

And now something about me. I'm 38, I'm married and i have 2 kids (5 and 2 years old). I'm a physicyst and I work for an environment protection agency.

That's all for now, I could've written a lot more about me, but my english is not so good!



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Ciao Elena benvenuta anche qui! :bye:

I'm glad you decided to introduce yourself :thumb_yello:

and don't worry, your English is fine :original:

aw environment protection agency: that sounds interesting!


Thank you!!!


(a dir la verità come dicevi tu ci sto prendendo gusto, ho scritto anche nel thread mamme)

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ciao, Elena! :bye:


sono toscanaccia anch'io (provincia di Pistoia) :naughty:....ma molto, mooooooolto più "grande" di te! :mf_rosetinted:....sono sposata ed ho un ragazzo di quasi 16 anni....ma tutto questo non mi impedisce di andare dietro al "bimbo" :blush-anim-cl:


benvenuta a bordo!

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