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Say Something Random Part 11!!!

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Lessons till 3pm? You think that's a lot? :naughty: I have mine until 4 pm and 5.30 pm :aah:




I prefer my school then:roftl: it starts on 9am and finishes on 1:15pm if I have 5 lessons (just on Friday), on 2:05pm if I have 6 lessons(twice a week) and on 3:45 if I have 7 lessons (twice a week too :huh: )

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Waaaaaaaa? :aah:


I mean I don't know Europe map very well, but my friend is dumber than me :roftl::roftl::roftl:

we were dying with laughing on lesson when I showed her one country about 90 times but she still didn't know :aah:

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Ah right then :aah: I'm glad you have decided finally :naughty:


So. How was your day?


ahahaa :lmfao: yeeah t was all about me :naughty:


my day... school-hateful:aah: as always, cos I had 7 lessons:mf_rosetinted:

then home, homework..etc.. and now computer:aah: really boring :bored:

whats up with you?? :D

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