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a wikipedia-page for iMMa


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Hello my dear mfc-ers:biggrin2:


I`ve been scanning the net some time ago ,searching for some information about iMMa.


And then a thought came to my mind:

why not to make a wikipedia-page for her?!


It`s not allways easy to find a musician or artist in general only by searching social networks. And no one can be really sure whether it is the real person and not a fake…


and with a wikipedia page more people would be able to inform themselves who iMMa is.


So I had that idea and I thought it would be nice to make a little project out of it…


Everyone who would like to do it would just start searching the net for some informations…basic things about life and things like that…

It would be cool to have some native englishspeakers to make a proper text out of it.


And we have so many people from different countrys and languages in this wonderful fanclub that we could translate the page into several languages right away.


If you are interested (which I hope^^) just post into this thread and I`ll make a little list and there would be a closing date for informations about iMMa and we`ll post all importent things in here…


I asked iMMa some weeks ago if it would be allright to make such a page and if she would have nothing against me asking around here and maybe realize that little idea.


So what do you think people?:blush-anim-cl:


(I`ll post some information I allready found in here as well and some nice pics a lovely mfc-er allowed me to post in here as well :D )

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