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The K-pop thread (Korean Pop FTW!!)

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Soo, I was just wondering if there are any k-pop fans over here? And if there are which ones do you like?

Let's fangirl K-pop while waiting for MIKA, arasso? ^^


My favorite K-pop band is FT.Island!




But I also like BIGBANG, 2NE1, CNBlue, SHINee, LED Apple and others!


Please fangirl with me! I can't be the only K-pop/K-drama/South-Korea lover riiiight?

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I have no favourite band, but I like 2NE1 and Girl's Generation :thumb_yello:


2NE1 just had a concert out in our capital city!


OMG!! that's so cool!! did you go to the concert? I would really like to go to a k-pop concert sometime. . . But it seems like it's impossible for me who live in Sweden -.-

Oh well.. . Mika isn't that bad either :teehee: and I'm lucky to have seen atlöeast him 5 times ^^

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MFCers Y U NO like K-pop :aah:

Pleeeaaase I am begging you! be my frieeend. oh god what am I talking about? :blink:




I think CazGirl would be your girl for this. She organises K- Pop events here in the UK I think.

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