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Mika @ Serpentine Gallery Party 26 June 2012


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Someone should tell gettyimages that the girl with Mika is Zuleika and nos Paloma [in every single photo of them, Zuleika is tagged as Paloma Penniman]



another one and some slightly bigger ones;






Zuleika's looking so gorgeous that she's actually distracting me from Mika LOL


Zuleika is soooo beautiful!! and her necklace matches with Mika's trousers :mikalove:


I love the trousers! I am so so glad that 'colourful' is back in fashion!:thumb_yello:


yeahh!! i loved the trousers too :fangurl: missed the colorful clothes ^^


he's lurking in this one too




it kinda looks like he's thinking "OMG how dare that betch wear the same color as me!" :aah:


:floor: ahahahah

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Here come the boys: Benedict Cumberbatch and Mika looked dapper as they showed up to the female-heavy event in Kensington Gardens




:blush-anim-cl: Mika was superhandsome there, and Benedict too!

I love these two men!! :mikalove: (obviously specially Mika) :blush-anim-cl:

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