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Listen to bits of Mika's album on Youtube!


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ONLY FOR FRANCE! Listen to the whole album on Friday 14th registering to LabelBarclay here!


On Mika's official YT channel:






tweeted by @alexbampton, thank you!

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WOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!!!! Owerwelmed at the moment :mikalove:!!!


Ok...Heroes is amazing as I thought from the listening session! Emily is damn funny "shut up, listen to me, dance with me Emily" and Make You Happy has differend words???

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OH MY GOD OH MY GOD this is too much for me *_*


From first listen: Underwater <3333 , Kids, Step with me, Popular Song, Emily and Celebrate are my favourites. I'm sure I will keep changing my mind all the time though.



I'm fangurling so hard at the moment. :mikalove:

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Now the hard times begin for the ones who don´t want to listen before the album release. Good luck :huglove:




I had no illusions that I would be able to resist -- I didn't even try. And I'm so so so happy to hear this! :yay:


I hate to say it, but those of you who loved the original Overrated are

probably going to be sorely disappointed. I like it, but it's not what you

are used to hearing AT ALL. Sorry.


I love "I Only Love You When I'm Drunk" and this version of "Step with Me" sounds

even better than the videos we have already. :wub2:


Overall, this sampling has done nothing to diminish my excitement! I simply

don't know how I'm going to wait another few weeks for the whole album!



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i don't like what he did with step with me, compared to the listening session in milan. it was faster, about the tempo of popular song. i was so much looking forward to hearing this version again on the album, and now he's made a ballad out of it. :sad: i mean, i don't mind if that's the album version, but i really really really hope that one day (in the not too far future :teehee:) i'll get to hear the faster version again, it was so perfect in milan. :tears:


anyway, i'm sooo super happy about this album preview on youtube! :fangurl: it makes the wait easier. and harder at the same time. :naughty: i think my faves are popular song, underwater, tool, and love you when i'm drunk. the latter is such a funny crazy song, can't wait to see him perform that live, it's gonna be fab! :biggrin2: and popular song, aww, i'm already listening to that short snippet on repeat! :fangurl::naughty:


btw, i just noticed you can jump to the different songs by clicking on them in the picture. didn't notice that first. :teehee:

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So: UW, TOOL, Kids and Drunk are the best so far!

Of course I need to listen to the whole album to feel the other songs, to let them grow into me.


Too much electro, as for my taste, but I was preparing myself to it more than a year :naughty: though hoped for something like HE, less mainstream...


Well, it is bound to be a huge success, as I understand the tastes and trends of the music nowadays.

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These are the final studio versions - I did not hesitate to sample!! :aah:

This album is just BRILLIANT!!! There are mayb 2 songs that didn't immediately grasp me and I'm sure they'll grow on me :aah:


Overrated sounds like a typical club tune out now but with that wonderful mika twist I freakin love it!! Don't think ppl who liked the old demo would b happy tho...

Did I say already this album is brilliant??!! :boing::excite:

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What a nice surprise :blush-anim-cl:


I don't mind hearing bits already, so I can happily click it :naughty:


Overrated is everything I feared it would be, but that bit of Underwater sounds even more beautiful than during the live performances, and that includes the one where I was present :wub2:

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