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Welcome to the Doctor Who thread here whovians can discuss doctors , episodes and more ! :wink2:


If you wish to be put on the list or change information Please PM me because I can't read every post :teehee:



To vist the older thread click here http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=14311





Thanks , rachie b





Whovian # 1. StarryEyed<3

Whovian # 2. rachie b

Whovian # 3. Mikaissocoollike

Whovian # 4. ilseh1983

Whovian # 5 MelodicFreak

Whovian # 6 Naetcegale

Whovian # 7 lemontine

Whovian # 8 njloverqoj

Whovian # 9 Ellenowl

Whovian # 10 Jolieen

Whovian # 11 cat_loves_mika

Whovian # 12 liveforglitter

Whovian # 13 !xkirstyx!

Whovian # 14 sunnypoos

Whovian # 15 prettynose

Whovian # 16 jasminority

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I went through some books and I found it. Lucky I remembered it was with Martha because , hum, it would have taken me a while otherwise XD.     So it's in the very first pages of The Pirate Loop

I think I remember it was with Martha, they went to see a gig or something, but I wouldn't remember the title (I've read them at the time of publication so it's quite a long time ago and it's a lot of

Peter Capaldi is a great actor. He really is the doctor, makes me laugh often! But David Tennant still is my favorite.   I want the sonic screwdriver back, sonic sunglasses are wrong

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Oh well I'm sure there is someway you can see it.:mf_rosetinted:




That seems pretty late for Doctor Who just saying then again,it's America.:aah:


Somehow :teehee:


and I think that it's 9:00 Eastern time, since both Rach and I live on the East coast so it might be a little earlier in other parts of the US :wink2:

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