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What's your 3 favorite Songs ?


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This is difficult, and #3 changes fifty times a day, but I tried.


  1.  Toy Boy
    I stumbled over that one a lot of years ago, and I loved the song the second I first heard it. It's so unique, and there's this sort of wistful sadness to it, fragile like an antique porcelain doll, and it deals with this massive injustice - in a way, it reminded me of Oscar Wilde's fairytales, which are similarly gracefully fragile and full of love that's cast away and never ends well for the protagonists. Toy Boy's a good song to just Feel Emotions To for a while, but prettily
  2. Boum Boum Boum
    This one's pretty much the exact opposite of Toy Boy, and it's just equal parts sweet, sexy and a little wry. Way more of a typical pop song than Toy Boy, but it's got panache, a flair for the dramatic, which I love - it's a kind of dramatic that reminds me of 50's and 60's pop; the old-fashioned stuff. Except, obviously, updated for modern times. Also, the orchestral version is gorgeous, especially with that immediately recognizable flute at the beginning setting the tone for the rest of the song. But yeah, basically it's just a really fun song that kind of bridges the gap between the only modern musician I actively follow and my usual old, cheesy shenanigans, I like the rhythm of it a lot, and it showing up in weird places like Casa Mika is incredibly entertaining to me, given the lyrics.
  3. We Are Golden
    (and approximately twenty others)
    So this spot should really also go to Rain (which was peak Angsty Teen Music by my humble standards), Good Wife (so wistful), Hurts (that one? That one does its title justice), and the Acoustic (but updated) version of Overrated (because good lord, the rawness of that version is stunning).
    But yeah. We Are Golden. The really difficult choice was between this one and Rain, which used to be my all-time fave... but We Are Golden has that beautiful, gorgeous refrain which I love so much and which instantly makes me feel better whenever I hear it, and also a bunch of other lyrics I adore.
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